Social Distancing

It is very crucial to stop the spread of coronavirus and to flatten the curve.

Group gathering.
Sleep overs & Play dates
Concerts and Theater entertainment
Athletic events and workouts in Gym
Crowded retail stores and Malls
Visitors in your house
Non essential workers in House
Mass transit by bus, train or airplane.

Visiting Local restaurants
Visiting Grocery stores
Getting take out or drive thru fast foods
Picking Up medications
Playing Tennis in the Park
Visiting Public Library
Attending Church Services

Take a walk
Go for a Hike or Bike ride
Yard work
Playing in the Yard
Clean your closet and Kitchen
Read a Book
Listen to Music or stream your favorite show
Cook a Meal
Family Game or Movie night]
Go for a drive
Group video chat
Check on a friend by phone
Check on an elderly neighbor