About Us

Little History going back in time:

Our practice has been around since July, 1992. The practice was initially started when Dr. Becker and Dr. Weiss joined together in July 1992 and formed Weiss & Becker, PA. The office was initially located in the Old Fennel Building in downtown Hagerstown. Dr. Paul Shuster joined the practice in 1998. Dr. Anand Budi joined the practice in February 2003. All four of them worked together and developed the practice. They later moved to their own new building located on Opal Court in September 2007. The name of the practice was changed to Opal Court Pediatrics due to the location of the new building.

After serving the Hagerstown community for several years Dr. Becker retired December 2011, later moving to the Chicago area to live closer to his children. Dr. Weiss retired August 2016 and still continues to live in the Hagerstown area. Dr. Paul Shuster decided to relocate to Florida, he stopped working with us in February 2019.

The office is located at 1141 Opal Court. Upon entering the vestibule, you will see that there are two doors marked “Sick Waiting” and “Well Waiting”. As you enter the office, please choose the appropriate side for your child. Please check with the receptionist upon your arrival.

The office is open Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM and on Saturdays we are open 9 AM to 12 noon. Patients are seen by appointment only.

We provide care for children and adolescents from birth to age twenty years. All aspects of disease are considered in the care of our patients, including infectious diseases, developmental and psychological problems, and school and behavior problems. There is a major emphasis on well care and education of parents to care for their children.

Some laboratory work is done in the office for the convenience of our patients. We are able to perform urinalysis, rapid strep antigen testing (for strep throat), and hemoglobin (blood test for anemia). In addition, hearing and vision screening is available. Other tests can be performed at nearby laboratories.